Cannot type value into “Go To Bar” numeric field

It takes about 30 seconds to whiz the numeric value up to bar number 254😳 Should be able to type number in from attached keyboard.

(Dorico for iPad V 1…1.0)

May be nice if this field (and others like it) were Scribble-enabled for the Pencil

Thanks for reporting this – I’ll make sure this is taken care of in future updates. (I’m not sure about Scribble support, by the way.)

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As a matter of interest (possibly), I use Comments to whiz about a large score. This is by far the quickest way of getting to specific areas of the score.
In a previous post I was asking for a “Go to Rehearsal Mark” command. (Which I still think is a good idea)
In lieu of such a command the Comments are really useful. For example, add (and move around) a “You are here” comment in a bar on an area that I am focusing on means that the RH Zone’s list of comments gives instant access to that. bar.

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