Cannot unfocus a plugin that is hanging

In Windows 7 with the new windows layout in Cubase 8 if a plugin hangs for a minute or two while “thinking” there is no way to get it to lose focus. I was having this issue with a particular plugin hanging in Cubase 7.5, and could just select my browser from the taskbar and type up a bug report while I waited for the plugin to unfreeze. In Cubase 8 this is not possible because after tabbing to the browser or to any other app the hanging plugin still has focus on the screen even though the rest of Cubase has lost focus.

In general I’ve found minimizing the different parts of Cubase 8 to be rather convoluted.

Could this be because of the known issue with some plugins dialogues opening behind them?

If a plug seems to be hanging see if you can uncheck it’s AOT or move it to reveal a dialogue box requiring a response underneath. (Or just click return to OK whatever it’s asking you)

There is definitely no dialogue box. The plugin is just hanging, but it may be related to some AOT issue none-the-less since I have all my plugins set to AOT by default.

I have the exact same issue.