Cannot Upgrade from Cubase 8 Elements to 8.5 pro

Hello everyone,

I bought lately my new Cubase 8.5 pro edition, having already installed Cubase 8 Elements on my PC. I received the activation code with my purchase. When I opened Cubase 8.5 an alert window emerged “No Valid License has found. The program will quit now”. I clicked on “start license activation”, inserting the activation code I received with my purchase. Then i take an error

“No license to upgrade selectable. The license upgrade you are about to perform will work only for licenses which reside on a USB elicenser. Currently the license you want to upgrade resides on your computer’s soft e-licenser. Please transfer the license you want to upgrafe from the soft elicenser to a usb- elicenser by cancelling the license activation process and starting elicenser control center via the start menu, then using drag-n-drop to transfer the license from the soft elicenser to the USB elicenser.”

I didn’t receive yet any USB from Steinberg. So, the question is if i can or not to make an upgrade temporarily without the USB or not?

You need the USB-eLicenser. It has to be bought separately either from Steinberg or some third party store.