Cannot upgrade from Pro 10 to 10.5 - eLicenser issue

I have Pro 10 (upgraded from 9.5) and all up to date versions of eLCC and Download Assistant.
I downloaded update from Pro 10 to 10.5 but then, starting 10.5 generates an dialogue box saying, "You have not activated your Cubase 10 Pro license permanently yet. You may use it for another 24 hours 30 min. Please activate the permanent licence in the eLicenser Control Center.

I can then choose to either, “Start Cubase 10 Pro” ; “Start Cubase Artist 10” or “Start License Activation”

Starting the License Activation and using the appropriate activation code from the purchase confirmation e-mail shows a positive identification of Cubase Pro 10 with a “Continue” button. Clicking “Continue” brings up an ELCC error box saying, “No lIcense to Upgrade Selectable”

I have gone on to MySteinberg account and made sure everything is activated. I have restarted my PC (64-bit, Windows 10) but still can’t find any way to properly start Pro 10.5.

Any suggestions?


Cubase 10.5 is a paid update. If you want to use Cubase 10.5, buy the update from your Cubase 10 license to Cubase 10.5, please.

Steinberg could do better in sign posting this from the Download Assistant and the 10.5 activation process.