Cannot upgrade The Grand 3SE to The Grand 3

Hi there.

I bought the update to The Grand SE 3 a couple of months ago. It was still in the grace period so, no matter what I did to upgrade the instrument, it didn’t work. I thought it was normal and waited until the grace period expired, which happened a few days ago. Now, I simply cannot upgrade the Grand SE 3 to The Grand 3 even though I do everything exactly as I did with CUbase 8.5 and HALion Orchestra, which are working fine by the way. I really need some help here. I was using one of the pianos on one of my productions and I had to stop it.



Me neither Paulo, have logged a call and will post the advice when it comes, as like you have paid to upgrade but now cannot use at all.

Please see the helpful response from the Steinberg support team:

You have bought an upgrade from the Grand SE 3 to the Grand 3.

To utilize that you would need to be an owner of the Grand SE 3.

The Grand SE 3 is a light version of the the Grand 3 - the full version offers more piano models.

I’m assuming that you intended to fully activate the Grand SE 3, in that case you would need the license from the following page for 73 GBP:

If you are interested in getting the full blown the Grand 3 version, you would also need the license from the above link to utilize the upgrade license you already have.

So there’s two options now:

  1. You want to have the Grand SE 3 and we cancel and refund your order of the upgrade from the Grand SE 3 to the Grand 3,

so you can order the regular the Grand SE 3 license from the above link.

2. You want to have the full the Grand 3 license, in this case please also order the Grand SE 3 from the above link

and activate both via the eLicenser Control Center.

So if we need only to upgrade SE 3 Trial to full we need to use the link provided and pay £73, if, as I wished to do, we want to upgrade to Grand 3 Full, we need to first upgrade the Trial SE 3 to Full SE 3, then use the £36 upgrade from Full SE 3 to Full Grand 3 getting all the piano’s etc. which I have now successfully done! Huge thanks Steinberg!!!