Cannot use Cubase Pro after updating new eLicenser

So… I have lost my old eLicenser and I’ve bought a new one.
I have reported and deactivated my lost eLicenser in my Steinburg.
But then I cannot open my Cubase Pro, popped up an error message saying that
“You have not activated your Cubase Pro 9 license permanently yet.
You may use it for 1 day 1h.
Please activate the permanent license in the eLicenser Control Center.”

Then I started license activation in eLicenser Control Center,
using the old activation code activated in the same computer,
but then another error message popped up saying
“The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only
once to download or upgrade a license.
Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”
Of course it has been activated, by me and in the same computer…

I then looked up in forum, I wanted to try the reactivation method,
but then I found out that my Cubase is no longer registered in my Steinburg after I deactivated my eLicenser.
I entered the already used activation code for my Cubase, it said that
“Your eLicenser with the number XXXXXXX XXXXXX was successfully registered.
Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.”
If I enter my download access code, it said
“You have already redeemed this Download Access Code.”
It gives me the used activation code again and it never register my Cubase to the product list.

I wanted to reactivate my Cubase but it said there is no Soft-eLicenser to reactivate…
If I clicked “Add the Soft-eLicenser to your account” and enter my activation code/download access code, it just shows the same messages.
Even I enter my Soft-eLicenser it just says that no products found on this eLicenser…
I have tried using the eLC Installation Helper and it does not help at all…

I just feel so hopeless and I can’t use Cubase…
I have contacted the Steinburg Support but yet no reply came…
I really don’t know what should I do… Please help:(


Reactivation is valid for Cubase Elements/LE/AI only.

You have to get in contact with your local Steinberg support or official Steinberg support. They will provide a form about a lost USB-eLicenser and then you will get a Replacement Activation Code, which you will activate to the new USB-eLicenser you need to buy.

Hello Martin! Thank you for your reply! I will wait for the reply from local Steinberg support:)

Thank you, Scab! I have already emailed Steinberg and I’m waiting for their email:)