"Cannot Use Device" Error Message

When I connect my UR824 to my iPad Pro using the Lightning to USB 3 adapter I cannot unlock Cubasis LE. An error message pops up that says “Cannot Use Device Steinberg UR824: The connected device is not supported.” But according to the compatible hardware list it is.

UR824 drivers are up to date, as is the app.

Just a thought…

Could it be a compatibility issue with the USB3 connection versus USB2?


Regards :sunglasses:

Interesting thought, but I thought USB 3.0 was backwards compatible. I know you can’t use a USB 3 device through a USB 2 port, but using a USB 2 device through a USB 3 port shouldn’t pose any issues.

I suggested it because I see a lot of users have issues when they plug in their Cubase eLicenser into a USB3 port instead of USB2. Also because of the * listed in the USB section of the specs.

Regards. :sunglasses: