Cannot use F2 to Rename Events in Arranger Track

Small issue perhaps, but the F2 keyboard shortcut to open a modal to rename events, does not work for Arranger Tracks in Cubase 13. Discovered on M1 Mac.


Which Command exactly do you have assigned to the [F2] key, please?

It’s the Cubase 13 default shortcut for that key. I’m away from my laptop at the moment.


I’m sorry, Cubase 13 doesn’t have any assignment to the F2 key. In older Cubase versions, it was to Open Transport Panel, but it’s not the case anymore.


I believe Cubase 13 introduced this as a workflow enhancement. You can select any event with the mouse and press F2 to rename it. A small modal window pops up allowing you to type a name. This works for events on other track types, but the arranger track appears to have been overlooked when the feature was implemented.


To be clear, what changed was the default Key Command assignment, as @Martin.Jirsak pointed out.

True, an easy workaround for that is using the command Edit – Edit Info Line since that command will highlight the name field there.

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