Cannot use factory content (presets)

I have a problem with my native plugs’ presets.

They do not show up and although I have located them in Mediabay and I can add them in the general media browser, they are deselected in soundbrowser and I cannot add them to scanned folders.

Any ideas would be appreciated and before you say it, yes I have trashed the data folder already :wink:


Is the main Cubase program folder set to scan?

Excuse my ignorance but I don’t know what you mean!

main cubase programme folder?

set to scan?

Are you talking about media bay?

Please be more explicit :wink:

Brain fart, nevermind. :angry:

System specs?

Win xp sp2 cubase 5.5.3 dual core e6600 4gb ram

This is a new issue (possibly since updating from 5.5.1