Can't access Audio edit view by double clicking sometimes

I’ve realized sometimes I have to click like forever to get to the editing view of the waveform to use variaudio. This is one of the most basic functions and I don’t understand why this issue exists. I run Windows 7 64 bit and Cubase 6 32bit version with 8GB of Ram and multiple hard drives on an intel quad core processor

This is normally a double click, or pressing the Enter key with an audio clip selected. Are you double clicking? Or is your double click set up too fast in the OS? Or is the battery running out in your mouse? Is the enter key working for you?

Just a few suggestions… Never experienced this problem myself.


Thank you so much for the Enter suggestion that works but my battery in my wireless mouse is virtually new and no issues with anything else. I’ll use ENter until this is fixed! Thanks a million!