Can't access Cubase Pro 12 on 2nd computer

Have upgraded to iMac Studio, so need to access Cubase Pro 12 on this new computer. Went through the whole process of downloading the software again, but have no way of opening Cubase 12 on the new computer? No Cubase icon to click on. My profile states I am accessing the Cubase software on 2 computers, yet…not…any helpful ideas very welcome!

Hi and welcome to the gluten,

Do I understand you correct, there is no Cubase 12 in the Applications folder?

Hi, yes there is no C12 anywhere to be found on New computer. Have tried to delete the Download Assist. to begin again, managed to find C12 /Spectral Layers/Groove Agent/HAlion Sonic SE icons so have kept them on my Dock. Now, when I tried to open one of them by clicking on the icon, an eLicenser Control-Error message states that “Application"LCC2” has caused “Connection to protection device lost” to happen. And I now cannot sign in to my Steinberg account on the new computer. Will keep trying. Thank you for assisting!

After 3 days, I have downloaded C12 again onto old computer to ensure all updated. And now I am having an issue with a Steinberg Activation Manager icon which keeps popping up every time I try to open C12, firstly on the new computer, saying “No valid License found” and now also on the old computer as well. Why can’t this process be simplified so that when you take your elicenser out, all your details are actually on it and transferred to which ever computer you are on? I have payed to do a course on Cubase in April this year and the rate I am going I won’t even have this sorted out by then! Have tried to delete the Steinberg Activation Manager, which seems to be the issue, but cannot do that.