Can't access forums from Vermont

I couldn’t access the Dorico forums from Vermont. I kept getting a “Can’t log in from this IP address” error. What’s up with that?


I don’t know! Next time it happens, please capture some images of what you’re seeing, and we can perhaps ask the good people at Discourse if they know what might be going on.

If you are attempting to log in from a commercial business’s internet connection, is it possible that it allows only limited access to sites related to that business? It might be interesting to try a range of other unrelated sites to see if Dorico and/or Steinberg are the only sites being blocked.

It’s residential service. Duncan Cable in West Dover, Vermont. None of my other internet activity has been effected.

Some pranksters next door in NH holding a kink in your internet hose? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe too much “Moonlight in Vermont”? :grinning:

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Something’s definitely Phishy going on here…


OK, serious now. Have you checked today? There was a big outage on the East Coast of Amazon’s cloud service that affected a lot of internet sites and activity.

I won’t be back up in Vermont for a couple of weeks. Will report back then.

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Back in VT. Had to take my phone off wifi to post this. Here’s what I’m seeing.

Really weird! Can you send me a private message with your IP address? (Whatever is shown when you go here will do, I think.) I’ll ask Discourse support if they know what could be going on.