Can't access insert effects in channel settings only Routing Editor (Cubase 11 Artist)

Hey all, when I opened my latest track, all of a sudden I can’t access my insert effects anymore in the channel settings window. The insert effects are grey and there seems to be some dotted line as well. It has something to do with stereo effects I think, as the only that happens when I try to click an insert effect is I get a little pop-up menu saying (“Default (Mono)” or “Routing Editor” (which I thought was a Pro version thing? I have Artist), but no insert effect that I can access. Very weird, very frustrating!

Have you disabled the track or Frozzen the track , right click for the menu drop down while on the track and see if it’s disabled

Nope that wasn’t the case. I restarted my PC and voila, it’s working again. I come from Cubase 5 and admittedly I have more heavy plugins now than I had back then, but still I feel Cubase 5 was way more stable. Anyway, I’m back in the saddle, thanks for thinking with me!

Well, it’s good that it works now, but was it a case of the Inserts tab not working when clicked (at the bottom) keeping you locked at the routing tab, or a mis-click that went unnoticed?

It was really a case of the insert effects nog being clickable. Normally they are blue or orange depending on being pro or post EQ, but now the slits were sort of empty. With the name of the effect, and some weird dots down the middle, but no orange or blue, and when I clicked on the effects I only got this pop up menu I mentioned. The effect itself I couldn’t open. It was definitely not a misclick

I don’t mean a miss-click on the inserts themselves (the 16 slots) but at the very bottom, those 2 tabs, Inserts and Routing, that switch between the Inserts themselves and the routing widget in which you were stuck. I seldom go in there (routing tab) and when I do, I always pause a little and think “hey where have the effects gone” before realizing that I’ve clicked at the routing tab at some point.

Oh dear… what kind of smiley or gif or internet meme is usually posted here by the one who realizes that instead of reporting a bug he just miss-clicked unintentiionally on an intended area of funcionality that he was ignorant about?

You are absolutely right, I’m not sure how that tab was activated and how a restart of my PC put the Inserts tab back in focus, but I f**ked up lol

Mea culpa, my apologies, and thanks!

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I don’t think there’s anyone (me included) that hasn’t fallen for this, even for a fraction of a second. :grin:

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I appreciate the kind yet failing effort to make me feel less of an idiot sir :wink: