Can't access my download due to running processes

I have running processes which do not appear in force quit and I can’t close. I am on a Mac. Where do I turn them off so I can complete my upgrade to 4.0? They are
VST Audio Engine 2.0

  • Media Service
  • Olympus Choir Micro (Soundiron)
  • VST Audio Engine plug-in set
  • ReverenceLibrary01

What happens if you restart the computer?

Welcome to the forum, Winifred. Quitting Dorico and any other Steinberg applications you have running before you try to run Steinberg Download Assistant should be sufficient, but in the event that you are told there are still processes running, you can either try to find them in Activity Monitor and end them manually, or do as @Derrek suggests and simply restart your computer before you attempt the upgrade. Then, in theory at least, none of those applications and their related processes should be running.

I have gotten the problem solved with an online chat.

Thanks so much!