Can't access presets, only copy settings


I’m having (and have had) issues, with regard to saving presets on Windows 10.

I have read elsewhere, that this situation is due to system permissions, however I have found no guide, with the only workaround being, that I copy settings and paste to a new plug-in instance, which is time consuming.

I updated to the latest version of Nuendo, and preset functionality was working, however in the days following, I have again lost those functions; having lost them previously.

I am re-installing Windows 10 x64, so in the meantime, I am wondering whether there is some kind of help article, since I believe this affects Mac users as well and while SB move to VST3 only support, one could only desire that presets will work going forward.

What kind of presets?


They are .vst3preset files.

Unfortunately, they are not available when some Windows File Permissions, are set which meant I needed to re-install the OS.

The situation is not something that would have been an issue back in the days of Windows 7 and older.


I had the same problem on Win 10, when I hit the folder icon on the preset page I was able to see the presets again. Not sure if this is the same issue you’re having.