Can't Access Sound Sets

Hi, can anyone give me a sensible and reliable solution please? Here’s the problem:

I have just purchased Blues Essentials, Pop Essentials and Songwriter Essentials. When I try to access them in Groove Agent they don’t show up. Yet, they are all installed properly and all show up in eLicencer. The only difference I can see between these sets and Beat Essentials for example, which does work ok, is that, when I open Media Bay everything shows up but Beat Essentials (and everything else that works) has two versions of each subset, i.e. ‘We Take A Walk’ and ‘We Take A Walk SE’, whereas the three I’ve just bought only show the subset names once, without the SE at the end. I’m using Cubase Pro 10 on Windows 10 and everything has all the latest updates.

This is so frustrating and all I’m getting from Steinberg is to update eLicencer, which was the first thing I did. Please, please can someone help?


Same problem, very frustrating!

Watch this video. It is hard to navigate GA5 at first, it doesn’t have things where you think they would be. Go to the Kit, as I show in the video, and tag the drop down menu. Here you will find what you are looking for, a listing of all your Kits and add on sound banks. Hm, it seems I can’t load an apple movie here…

Try this: Finding purchased/add-on sound banks in Steinberg GA5 - YouTube