Can't access VST instrument's edit functions

I’m having a problem for which I suspect there’s an easy solution – but I can’t find an answer on in the manual or the forums. In Cubase 9.5 Pro, I’m using EastWest Composer Cloud’s Play engine.

I’m simply trying to access the instrument editing screens for an instrument previously linked (assigned) to an instrument track. (That is, the Browser/Mixer/Player, to edit the instrument.)

I highlight the track, and click on the “Edit VST Instrument” icon in the Inspector panel. This brings up the Browser – but neither the Browser, nor the Mixer, nor the Player show the instrument assigned to the track I’ve highlighted – rather, it shows an instrument I had previously been browsing for a track elsewhere in the project.

So, of course, at this point the Player editing controls have no effect on the instrument linked to the track I’ve highlighted.

The same happens if I click the other instance of the instrument editing icon in the Inspector, or if I click the browser icon on the track, or if the use the Key Command “Edit VST Instrument.”

Yes, the Browser/Mixer/Player comes up each time – but if I want to edit the instrument, I have to remember all the details and changes I’ve made previously – the specific articulation I’ve selected, the Keysaw I’ve assigned, and all the details of previous edits. Because to do any editing of this instrument, I have to copy the new information OVER the instrument already on the selected track (that is, “replace”), and then do my editing. It can mean entering 20 or more pieces of information accurately each time I want to make the smallest change.

So I can only access the editing screens for a particular track when I first choose the instrument for that track. I can’t get back to the relevant screens when I’m making subsequent project edits – unless I replace the instrument, and start all over again.

Again, how can I select an instrument track, and pull up the instrument I’ve linked/assigned to that track? Any help would be most appreciated.


Open the Track name tab. Here is a yellow “keyboard” icon next to the output. This should be the one.