Can't activate Cubase 11 even the eLicenser Control Center is the newest version

I have physical dongle and using Cubase 10.5 Pro for quite some time.
I just bought the 11 Pro upgrade, I re-install the eLicenser software and Steinberg Download Assistant with restart my PC many times already, and all of them are the newest version, but it keeps saying my eLicenser software is too old.
I really hope this can be solved, please help. Thanks!

I don’t know if you’ve seen the pop up notice on the forum that eLicencer has some issues and it doesn’t work properly.

Not sure what’s going on there, are you entering the download code in the ELC by chance? (It’s shorter than an activation code)

Also, this post from @Ed_Doll might be relevant to you:

I have this issue before the July 30, I installed the Cubase 11 Pro trial version a week ago and can’t activate it, since the sale is about to over so I bought it anyway yesterday. So the issue I have maybe not cause by the server, at least not by the server alone.

Maybe I entered the download code in the eLC since I think I only receive one code, it should be download code.
But I did also enter the download code in the Download Assistant like the post you provide says, it’s in my screen shot, too. At the right side of the screen shot, it says “please download the latest version of ELC and try again” after I enter the code and hit the activate button.