Can't activate Cubase 12 Elements. Activation manager says no internet connection

Hi there :wink:

I just bought Cubase Elements.
Installed it and tried to run first time. When activation manager opens, it will tell me there might be a connection problem cause can’t reach the server.

Searched in Steinberg web for some tips, also in the forum. After trying everything i don’t know what to do anymnore…

-I’m not behind any proxy.
-I have no traffic blocker activated
-Tried to deactivate Windows Defender Firewall
-Can’t sign in Steinberg Activation Manager
-I can sign in Steinberg Download Manager with no problem.
-Tried to sign in Steinberg Activation Manager from another computer in the same house. No success also, so it does not seem it’s the computer.

I really don’t know what else to try. Could it be something with my ISP? I read somewhere there is people that suceeded after connecting to a VPN.
I’m from Spain.

I did a search for similarly named topics:

But did you?

Hi, thanks for your replies :wink:

I did see two of the three post you mentioned.
-Forgot to sayI tried the “curl” command in the prompt with no success. It states the connection is broken.
-Something I didn’t try from the list would be changing my defauld browser. Will let you know…

Yes, I did deactivate the Windows Defender

From one of the posts you shared, I finally found the solution. Somehow lsass.exe process was blocked from Netlimiter sofware. What i find really weird is that this third party firewall was deactivated while trying (no background process on).
Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. This helped me go through.


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