Can't activate Cubase 8.5

I can’t activate Cubase 8.5 I’ve tried getting a different key, I’ve tried reinstalling the Elicenser software, and getting a new Elicenser key. but all I get is this. Based on all the literature I’ve read on this, it doesn’t appear as though the fault is with me for doing something wrong. Has anyone ran into the same issue? please tell me it’s fixable…

The image shows you don’t have a physical USB eLicenser key (aka “dongle”) attached. When you say “key” do you mean you physically have a USB key plugged in?

C8.5 does not run off a soft eLicense (as your picture shows). It must be licensed to the physical USB key.

yeah I got a soft eLicense. So I have to purchase a physical USB Elicenser?

Elements can be activated on a soft elicenser but full version needs a usb elicenser.

Alright. Got that cleared up and Cubase is up and working! Just gotta find me some tutorials

How did you get it cleared up? I don’t have a usb key. Did you buy one from stein berg? What is the process? I’m having licensing issues.

Yes, you can buy one from either Steinberg or a third party seller.

This is the link from the Steinberg shop.