Can't activate Cubase 8 Pro


I have just bought Cubase 8 Pro upgrade from Cubase Artist 6.5. I have a valid Cubase Artist 6.5 Educational licence. When trying to activate Cubase 8 Pro I get a message saying, “No licence to upgrade found. Please connect a USB-eLicenser which contains an appropriate license to upgrade to your computer”. The eLicenser Control Centre shows that I have a Cubase Artist 6.5 Educational license. When I enter the activation code the information in the text box below the code includes the text, “Upgrade for Cubase 6.5 (Educational)”.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

If the text really reads “Upgrade for Cubase 6.5 (Educational)”, then you have bought the wrong update. Your text should read “Upgrade (or Update) for Cubase 6.5 Artist (Educational)”.

Thanks for that. Yes I realised my mistake just after I posted. I’ll try to cancel the order and then buy the correct upgrade.