Cant activate cubase 9

Hello .i just bought cubase 9 upgrade from 8.5 and installed it. But now i cant activate it. I get a message. "a Connection to the license server could not be established because the license server is currently not availible…i have disabled firewall in win 10 and installed the newest e-licenser…i tried to make a meantenence and it says the same mess to me there…isurfed for this error and i found others who got this earlier this year too…anyone know if there is some problem on their site or if there is something i am doing wrong? dissapointed when i just bought a christmas present for my self and cant use it

I just bought a second copy of 8.5 for my backup performance laptop, been trying to install it this morning but getting the same eLicense server error. So it looks like it is down. And yes, from history on the forum, seems to be a fairly regular Christmas occurrence!!

Step 1: FAILED (Updating eLicenser License Database)
Step 2: OK (Repairing Soft-eLicenser)
Step 3: OK (Validating License Usage Periods)
Step 4: OK (Cleaning up eLicenser Memory)
Step 5: FAILED (Recovering License Transactions)
Step 6: FAILED (Sending eLicenser Information)


Exactly the same for me…in one way it feels better for me that one more has the same problem, even if i dont want anyone to get this ofcourse

Same for me …!!!
It is really so unprofessional of Steinberg that they don’t have any emergency staff online.
how hard is it to restart the Licenser servers…
How many new customer do they got this christmas who want to activate their licenses…

Have been a Cubse user since V1 on atari so STEINBERG get your sh*** together and fix this asap

not the same by me …

Is directly eLicenser server down ?
elicenser error.PNG

yes this mess i have too and when i click ok then it proceeds and i get the same mess as russ1974

Yes, eLicenser server is maybe really down … I am waiting for Steinberg´s answer …

Cant activate cubase AI due to licence server down … It seems we all have to wait until 4 January to some Steinberg stuff , Really ???

Anyone knows when it will up again?

If you hunt back through the forums it seems to happen every Christmas and takes 1 or 2 days to come back online. I guess over Christmas they unplug the servers so they can plug the Christmas tree lights in.

you maybe right…they should plug the shop too so we dont have to go through this

I have extactly the same problem
I’ve shelved out a a bunch of €€€ and now have been trying to activate the product for last hour or so. I’m still getting “Connection to license server could not been estabilshed…” Not very professional… There was no announcement in the e-shop, where they gladly accepted my credit card… I’m wondering why they don’t close the shop for the x-mass maintenance :–)


sigh just hit this myself.

So happy this is how we are rewarded for actually buying the product…

MySteinberg is empty. Decades of purchases! Does anyone else have this problem plus the activation problem?

Ya, I have to say the whole design of how this software process works is THE worst I have ever encountered. Just abysmal. May look at something else going forward, which is too bad becuase the software itself is supposedly pretty good.

Another one here :confused: For all our money they should have a Queen lightshow as christmas tree lights…

Definitely got the same problem, trying to upgrade from artist 9 to pro

I have the same problem - my AI 9 cant be activated and I was looking forward to is so much :frowning:

“Me too!” … thought it was just me 'till I registered on here!

HM … is this Same Annual Thing or something ???
Just for the Record This Seems to happen every Darn year
And look if it was actual ‘maintenance’ they should have Noticed it on there Website Or Social Media Acounts
I Think It might Have Something to do with The ddos Attacks that Seem to be done around these times
People Who do ddos Attacks Should Be Killed On Sight … than the others will not risk there life with there Retard Actions That those Imbecilic Moronic social handy capable Idiots are doing