Cant activate Cubase AI

Where to I obtain this?


Login on the Steinberg Website and sign in (mySteinberg)
A lot of useful stuff there …

Isn’t Cubase AI usually a bundle software? Maybe there is a printed code somewhere in the package of whatever it was bundled with.

we’re getting closer. Weve got the DAC and added it in, installed Cubase, added the serial from the UR22c in various places, we then start cubase, it says it wants the 32 character activation code but I still can t see where the heck it is, lol. Checked email, got the 7 app bundle plus thing installed, and thats all a separate bit. Got the Steinberg activation mgr app installed, and it says Cubase AI and Waevlab are activated.

Screenshot 2023-03-11 200527

Something seems to be out of sync. Or Im out of order on the process. Added info in to my mysteinberg profile.

It looks to me like you’ve downloaded the wrong version of Cubase…an earlier version that needed the eLicencer. I think this because the No License message has the Cubase Icon as red whereas it’s now Blue (as of version 12). make sure you’ve downloaded/installed and are launching Cubase Elements AI 12.

Ok thanks for that, I will give it a shot,
cross fingers !!

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