Can't activate Cubase Elements 7 (retial-box version)

Hi guys, I really need some help here …
So, I bought box version of Cubase Elements 7; I installed it on my Macbook Pro; and then - well a BIG problem …
I couldn’t activate it …
so I downloaded and installed the latest version of eLicenser Control Center ( for MacOS - but that didn’t help …
When I enter activation code (one that I get in box ( the “essential product license information” paper) ofc) I got a message: “the activation code could not be identified. Please make sure that it is typed correctly”
I tried like 20 times, checked every time that it is correctly typed (caps/ O and 0 etc) and nothing …
So can anyone please help cause I’m getting nervous :slight_smile: :confused: T Y ! (AND sorry for bad engl.) Cheers

In elicencer control do you have a soft elicencer showing on the left hand panel?..if not this may be your problem.

But I’m not sure it sounds like this is the problem tbh.

Did you create a MySteinberg account yet?
Then you can also send a ticket to support directly.

Hi, ty for Your answer … Elicencer is showing (pic) and I do have Myacc - but in “my support” I can only go to “Steinberg distributors” or “Knowledge Base”, and as I’m from Croatia there is no email or phone support for me - so can You please tell me how to send a ticket to support directly?

… on the other hand I really don’t think that the dealer I bought product from can help me out (cause I know one of sellers privately and he don’t know anything about this, but I’ll try)…

Hi domba,

please send me a picture of the “Essential Product License Information” sheet showing the full activation code to and I will take a look at it.

Best regards

Disregard this post. Take the above post advice.

It does sound like the original activation code is incorrect or there is a mismatch between the code and the program. I don’t know what a boxed retrial is or how they are purchased. I presume it contained a disk, or was there a download code. If you have a My Steinberg account as the previous post says you can ask support direct.

I don’t know what a boxed retrial is or how they are purchased

Not retrial, not retial…Retail. The retail boxed version is purchased the good old fashioned method of giving money to a shop and them giving you the box :smiley: