Can't activate Cubase Pro 12 Trial


On a new PC that use old SSD drive, I can’t activate Trial for Cubase Pro 12.

Checking on “My Steinberg > Products” it said:

Cubase Pro 12 - Not used on any computers
Trial Expired (!)

Same thing in Steinberg Activation Manager, check the attached image.

Any idea?

I think maybe Steinberg support will help me out, just in case posting it here?


This means, you did use the Trial version before. If not, something went wrong.

The trial has expired. You were using it since November 2022, it looks like.

No, not that one, I had another workstation, nothing has been installed here.

Are you saying you trialed the software on one machine, and now you want to do it on another?

The trial is linked to your account, not a PC or Mac.

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