Can't Activate Cubase Pro 8 w/eLicenser v6.8.5.1158

Just wondering if anyone’s having a problem connecting/activating your new license? I’ve de/reinstalled it, inserted my code but I only get an "can not connect to server error.
Anyone else?

The activation server’s probably being hit hard at the moment. I activated as soon as I got the code and didn’t wait for the download to finish. It wanted a newer version of the eLicenser so I installed and it worked straight away. That was about 4 hours ago.

Ok, I’ll just have to keep trying…thanks!

I don’t believe the server is the problem, I can’t even use Maintenance…nothing seems to work. I enter the code, click update and the control center starts to update then an error… “License Upgrade: a connection to the license server could not be established, either due to incorrect network settings, or because the license server is currently not available (e.g. due to maintenance work)…”

I’ve been trying since pro 8 has gone online, others have bought the product much later than I and were able to activate…WTF!

Contact Steinberg support in that case.

I can’t update either due to step 5 failing in the maintenance process. Step 5 has always failed for me but it’s never affected anything… Until now!! Really frustrating. I haven’t even got an activation code. I’m guessing you don’y usually need one for the grace period update.

Maintenance step’s 1, 4 and 5 fail, here…!

Hi musicbeat,

please check this article:

Hope this helps.


I finally found the problem, I took the dongle out of the hub and plugged it directly into my computer then it instantly registered, including Maintenance. For some reason my eLicenser wouldn’t activate while plugged into the USB hub though it did recognize that it was there. I’ve always had it there since v6 without an issue…Oh well, another mystery. All’s well that ends well!

Thanks to all for your support!