cant activate demo version!


Cheers for the download guys! Lets hope this can bring out some more releases.

I am a bit confused with how to activate the demo . I have installed all the files but when prompted with e-licenser program i enter the code you sent me and it says its okay but then directs me to the last stage to activate but says “no e licenser selectable” (currently there is no e-licenser connected to your computer , please connect a usb e-licencer to your computer) It also has a big red x in the box.

How do i get around this. I am on windows 8.1 and have no dongle with me. I am really keen on getting this working and have tried this more than once now which is really frustrating me.

What do i do?

Do i need a donge to activate this demo?

Any help from this stage would be really appreciated!

Many thanks guys!


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Cheers :smiley:

the eLicence can licence on the workstations instead of a dongle… But, this only applies to products which support software eLicencing… I don’t know if that demo does, certainly Cubase full licence version doesn’t. So my only suggestion is to contact Steinberg support to check 100%. Or bump this and hope someone’s watching :slight_smile:



Cheers for your reply so quickly! Good advice and understand about the full licence activation but not sure about the demo version. What’ s the best way to contact the steinberg support? Also What you mean by bump this?

Many thanks mate.


The full version demo ONLY works with a USB eLicenser. The Elements trial will work with a software eLicneser (i.e no USB dongle).