Can't activate Halion which is part of Dorico, isn't it?

Dear Anyone.
Yes, I know it says in the picture I’m posting my trial of Dorico’s out of date, but I never got to actually USE it because I couldn 't get Halion working to get sounds out of Dorico, and I’ve got a totally legit. Sampletank 4 with a mountain of instruments and I couldn’t make THAT work with Dorico EITHER!

Anyway, here’s the picture so far. I dunno if I can download another trial version of Dorico and try your answers out in it or not TBH but I don’t REALLY want to cough out £500 for something I’ve not trialled…

Hope you can see this when I click Create Topic, at the moment it’s codes in brackets. I’ve installed Steinberg Activation Manager, downloaded from the Steinberg Site, but when I click on the red Activate button absolutely nothing happens. I’ve restarted the computer lots of times, uninstalled/reinstalled the Activation manager, nada. Nothing. It Doesn’t Work!

Now Halion’s a legit. free download, isn’t it? I’ve not paid anything for it, just downloaded it from Steinberg. I’ve got the standalone coming up but all the presets have little ‘No Entry’ signs by them, presumably because the thing’s not activated.

I’m using Windows 10 with Realtek High Definition Audio Codec, if that helps. Is it not activating Halion because I don’t have a trial of Dorico going any more? It didn’t activate when I DID, so I’m not sure about that. I’m pretty sure I need it activated BEFORE I can use Sampletank 4 in Dorico, don’t I, cos Halion’s the box you put the sounds in for Dorico to play, isn’t it?

All help will be tried, the winner will get 4 minutes of cats screeching. Er - bee-YOO-tiful music created on Halion sounds…!!

Yours respectfully


The HALion Sonic Player comes free with Dorico, and does not require a separate licence. However, it can be bought separately (possibly in a version with more features and instruments). It looks like you’ve downloaded the separate version that requires its own licence.

While you wait to find out about a fresh Demo key for Dorico Pro…

You can go ahead and get a free key for Dorico SE. This version of Dorico provides you with some insight into the basics of working with Dorico, and I believe it can even open (with limits on how much you can change/edit things) ‘larger’ scores made in the big bother versions of Dorico.
Dorico SE: Free Music Notation Software | Steinberg

A nice thing about grabbing this key and installing SE, is that you’ll get a pretty good collection of ‘sounds/content’ for the HALion Sonic 7 player.

The free Sonic 7 key and download doesn’t include any ‘sounds/content’ for HALion/Sonic, but your Dorico SE installation will, and the Dorico SE key being active in Steinberg Activation Manager ‘unlocks’ them so they work in Sonic 7.

So, even if you decide later that you don’t want to buy Dorico Pro or Elements, and even if you decide to remove Dorico SE from your system, you could keep Sonic 7 and the basic general MIDI content that came with it to enjoy with HALion Sonic in stand alone, or with hosts of your choice (Would still need Steinberg Activation Center installed, and your Dorico SE license active).

Worth the bother? I think so. It’s a great sounding little setup, and it can be tweaked as great player for General MIDI files and such. In my opinion, HALion Sonic with the ‘basic GM content’ gives many of the most popular GM/GS/XG MIDI players a serious run for their money (I.E. Stuff like the Roland Sound Canvas, or the old Yamaha XG soft-synths)! You can get a classic Yamaha MOTIF (in XG mode) workstation quality sound out of it pretty easily!

Also, if you scroll to the very bottom of this page, you can find some free instruments for Sonic 7.
HALion Sonic : Download for Free | Steinberg

You can also find some interesting free sounds for Sonic scattered about these forums. Here’s a search link to get started:
Latest user-content topics in HALion - Steinberg Forums

You can certainly have a new trial for Dorico Pro 5:

I’ve checked your account and you do have a HALion Sonic 7 license in your account, so you should be able to activate it without any problems. Can you check that you’re using the most recent version of Steinberg Activation Manager? Normally, simply running Steinberg Download Assistant is sufficient to ensure everything is updated, so if you haven’t run SDA recently, try running that and see if it wants to install any updates. If all else fails, you can download the latest version of SAM directly here:

Thank you all for your help - just read this on my tablet. I cheerfully admit to being a complete dumkopf where all these authorization managers etc. are concerned - didn’t know any of what you gentlemen have told me! Will try it all out when I get back in today - am typing this on my tablet on the bus, the Wonders of Modern Technology on- and report back on results Hopefully Successful ones unless I mess up!

Thanks again, Chris