Can't Activate License for Dorico 4 on new computer

I can see multiple other threads on here requesting help for similar problems, and despite going through them all I don’t seem to have been able to fix my issue.

I originally bought Dorico 3.5, which was upgraded to Dorico 4. I’ve recently bought a new MacBook Pro running MacOS Sonoma and am in the process of setting up all my most-used apps.

I have managed to deactivate my Dorico license on my old computer, and activate my eLicense on my new MacBook. It shows up in my MySteinberg account, says it’s been activated, everything looks like it should work.

But then when you go to start up Dorico 4, it tries to get a license from Steinberg Activation Manager, which says “No Licenses Found” for some reason. I’m logged in to the same MySteinberg account on everything. Is there a way of getting Steinberg Activation Manager to recognise my eLicense?

As a workaround for now, I’ve downloaded Dorico 3.5 and that seems to be working without a hitch on the new machine. But it would be nice to use Dorico 4 (and eventually upgrade again to Dorico 5).


Welcome to the forum, Robert. Sorry you’ve been having problems with activating your product. I guess you must have another Steinberg ID email address, because, as you rightly say, there’s no record of your Dorico 4 license in the Steinberg ID account associated with the email address you used to sign in here. If you have any other email addresses you might have used, please drop me a direct message here on the forum with those email addresses, and I’ll keep looking for you.

Thank you Daniel! I’ve sent you a DM.