Can't activate license

I have an elicenser, and Cubase AI10 is on it. I used to have WL 9 on it too via an NFR. I just bought WL10 and every time I try to activate it I get an error message saying there is no eLicenser. Any ideas?

Whatever an NFR is… it sounds like your issue.

NFR = Not For Resale which is something you can get via beta testing or reviewing software, or if you win it as a prize sometimes.

Did you upgrade from WL 9 or purchase WL 10 outright? I’d be surprised but maybe if you upgraded from the NFR for WL 9 to WL 10, maybe something isn’t happy there and you need to contact Steinberg support/admin to clear it up.

I’d make sure you have the latest eLicenser software running and that you run any maintenance tasks within the app and try again.

Also, I assume you are referring to a physical USB dongle eLicenser? WaveLab Pro can only be activated on a physical USB dongle eLicenser while WaveLab Elements and some other software can be used on a “soft” eLicenser that doesn’t require a physical USB dongle eLicenser.

I also heard from somebody they had to try a handful of times before the code was finally accepted for some reason.

Yes, it’s a physical e-Licenser. Just wouldn’t work. I bought WL 10 outright cuz it’s at a great price right now, but I wasn’t able to activate it at all yesterday. At work now but going to try again tonight

Ask Steinberg support on Monday.

And in the meantime, I’d make sure you have the latest eLicenser installed:

And for good measure, I’d move the dongle to another USB port if available or at minimum, remove it and insert it again. Seems silly but I’ve had that clear up an issue before.