Cant activate my cubase 11 pro

i bought cubase 11 pro with usb dongole and download access code i followed the setup instructions and download steinberg assistant i redeemed the code but it showed that iam allowed to install cubase 12 so i installed it and i got message that the program is activated
after when i opened the app it didnt opened as my windows is 10 so i installed cubase 11 pro after that i cant activate it from the e licenser control cinter as it gives me that i need to the latest version of e licenser although its the newest so if any body have any advice or any one can give email contact with steinberg as iam in saudi arabia

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you be more specific here, please? What happens exactly?

i can’t activate cubase 11 pro as i can’t upload the license to usb dongole as it gives me that my version of elicenser control center is too old although i have a download access code

Open the Steinberg Download Assistant and wait until it is fully open. It will update the eLicenser Control Center as part of the starting procedure. After that your control center will have the latest version


The eLCC application doesn’t ask for the Download Access Code. It asks for the Activation Code. To get the Activation Code from the Download Access Code, go to your MySteinberg account, please.

Follow these steps to properly activate your Download Access Code:

After following them, please take screenshots of your Steinberg Activation Manager and your eLicenser Control Center (with the eLicenser serial numbers hidden).

Windows 10 is fully supported by Cubase 12. Can you show us the error message if you got any?

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