Can't activate my Cubase 8, I'm in need of help.

So, hi everybody, here is my story.
I just bought an scarlett kit for home studio, wich came with a Cubase 8 key. So I downloaded the program, and whenever I try to activate it with the “eLicenser” It gives me the error of the img. I already downloaded the “last” version of it (I guess so, got it from the eLicenser official download page) but it keeps giving me that error. I dont know what to do.

Im from Argentina, so I will translate what it says:
“Enter the activation code.
The software version installed in the eLicenser Control ( eLC ) is too old. Please try again after you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the eLicenser Control program in (web)”



Try to use eLicenser Helper, please.

Most probably, this issues is caused by a misunderstanding, and a confusing error message.

I think this is what happened:

  • You acquired the Scarlett Kit.
  • The Scarlett Kit contains a “DAC”, that is a Download Access Code (it has 25 digits).
  • You entered the DAC into eLCC to start a license download, but that doesn’t work, as eLCC only accepts license activation codes (32 digits).
  • eLCC then gave a misleading error message.

What you should do:

  • Create a MySteinberg account.
  • Register your DAC (25 digits) with your MySteinberg account. This will give you access to a license activation code (32 digits).
  • Use that license activation code in eLCC to download your Cubase LE license into the Soft-eLicenser that was created on your computer.