Can't activate my Cubase Artist 10 with eLicenser??


I recently bought Cubase Artist 10 online, a couple of days ago.
I tried to activate the product on my Windows 10, but it haven’t worked.
I also tried re-installing both eLicenser + Cubase Artist 10 - but didnt work.

Does the elicenser have to be on the same drive as cubase? Because now eLicenser automatically install
on my Local disk C, but I have Cubase on my 2nd drive.
Hmmm, I also can’t install eLicenser to my desired drive, it automatically installs on my Local disk C.

“No eLicenser Selectable” - currently, there is no USB-eLicenser connected to your computer. Pleaser connect a USB-eLicenser to your computer.
is what pops up when I try to activate my new key.

I’ve copied my registration code inty “MySteinberg”, but still it doesnt work. I also tried download the elc-helper, but also didnt work.
WHY is it so god damn hard to get this working? I’ve missed out 4 days where I could be productive in cubase…
I just want to start using the product I’ve paid over $300 for…

PLEASE help… and sorry for me being frustrated…