Can't activate New HS 1/2

My very first musical software HalionSonic. Can’t activate. Activate Code is alright but it says no eLicense. I’m following instructions. Why all this fuzz Steinberg? Can’t you create anything without problems? I will go back to the shop tomorrow.

MANY, MANY people have activated it without any problems whatsoever.
Perhaps, if you gave a little more information, someone might be able to help. :wink:
For example, EXACTLY which version did you buy? (update, original/new, etc.)

Talked to the store today but no support on weekends. I got an Activation code instead of the USB-eLicenser.
Now I realize you MUST have a dongle. Nobody told me, but that’s the problem. Will buy one Monday.

Do you have a USB e-Licenser? It is required but not included (as stated in the requirements).
If you don’t have one you will have to buy one. When you activate the license, it is stored on the USB e-Licenser.