Can't activate Spectralayers Pro licence, no phone or support ticket response from Steinberg

I believe you are able to activate Spectralyers on two machines, is this correct? If not, how on earth do you deactivate it on one machine to activate it on another?

Anyway, I have activated it on my laptop (useless as a professional machine) but on my studio computer it won’t let my activate and asks me to contact Steinberg support. I’m in the UK, so I’ve been calling the DE office every day for the past week- no response. I have a ticket open with support also, no response and over a week also.

Just firing a message out here in case someone knows what to do.

This is so infuriating, ditching the dongles was the reason I came back to the Steinberg ecosystem (from PT/Ableton) and its been nothing but stress so far, the project I was working on has wrapped, I had to fudge everything in Audition. Please, please Steingberg consider how these things affect your professional users. At least have an FAQ explaining that can’t deactivate/move licences- or how the system works. I mean, I should have checked beforehand everything was working, but I feel its not unreasonable to assume it’ll be immediate / take less than 24 hours to move a licence to another computer.

Launch the Steinberg Activation Manager to manage your activation on the local machine.

Cheers, but it doesn’t show up in my Steinberg Activation Manager, despite being installed and working on this machine. I can only see Cubase Pro 12.

Thanks for the links also, have read through those!

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And sorry, I’m just mentioning this because I don’t want you to waste your time, I’m a software dev and also manage a small audio/visual studio, I’m constantly dealing with licences and software nonsense- I really don’t feel like this is some kind of user error :-/

I also had issues with activating one of the freebies Steinberg gave away for Cubase users recently, I’m assuming something is borked with my account somewhere / somehow

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I believe the Spectralayers can also reside in the older elc. (in which case there’s only one activation.) I seem to remember that there’s a possibility to transfer it to the newer system. This would be unique to Spectrlayers. Have you had a look in the elc? If it’s running, there must be a license.

Hopefully the dev will reply here.

Please specify which version of SpectraLayers you’re using. You’ve not mentioned it at all yet.

SpectraLayers 6-8 use the eLicenser system and can only be used on one computer at a time. SpectraLayers 9 switched to the new Steinberg Licensing system, and can be activated on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

If you’re using SL 6-8 and the license isn’t stored in an USB-eLicenser dongle, please follow these steps:

As mentioned above, the Steinberg Activation Manager is only valid if you’re using SL 9 (not SL6-8), so I assume you’re dealing with SL9 here.
Did you enter your Steinberg Activation Code here ? Sign in
Once the license in your account, all you have to do is activate it on up to 3 computers using the Steinberg Activation Manager.

On the computer where you only see a Cubase 12 license, SpectraLayers likely launch as SL “One”, the free version unlocked by the Cubase license. You can confirm that by checking the window title, or the Help > About.

Sorry, SLP8.

Yes, I went through those steps with the old eLCC and still ended up with a message " Please contact your local support team"

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Ok, so if SL9 uses the SAM I think I’m just going to upgrade and see if that jogs things to work, less hassle than having to chase all of this. Thanks for your help!

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That’s what I would recommend as well. SAM is so much easier to use (specially with multiple computers), and eLC is now deprecated so it’s gonna be harder to get support…

Yep, that worked. Wish I’d thought of that a week ago. Thanks again for your help!


Glad to hear you got it sorted!