Can't activate the access code


I’m totally new on this subject but I just bought a Steinberg product and got a Cubase AI license
So it says that I have to create an account, so I did, and register the download access code that is on a paper. So I did, but when on my profile I have to enter a new access code, and enter the code, it says that I’ve to enter my serial number of my Steinberg product, but when I enter it, it says that the serial numbers is not valide. But when I wrote it to create my account, it works.
So I tried in many differents ways and when I only put my serial number, it redirects me on a page where is told me that if there is problem with the license of Cubase AI, I have to go on a website linked below. On this website it tells me that I have to reinstall the eLicenser Control center and reinstall Cuabse AI. But I can’t find any links on Google to install Cubase AI.

So I am here to find someone who can help me, if you need some screenshots or details I can send you them.

PS: Sorry for the faults, I am french and the most of the french really sucks with english :laughing:


Could you be very precise with the terms (activation code/access code/registration/activation), please?

DO I understand you right, you entered your Download Access Code. An Activation Code has been generated for you, right? Then use the Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center application to activate the license. Then register your eLicenser in your MySteinberg account, please.