Cant add any inserts using the inspector, and twitching blue line Yamaha ASIO to blame

Since last night the left hand inspector has become very unstable, to the point now i cant add or control any inserts/EQ or anything with a drop down box from the left hand side. I can open the track panel and do it from there. Ive started in safe mode but that hasn’t helped. There is a also a ‘twitching’ blue line in the EQ section. I’d say this is a graphics issue.
Rebooted many times. Also so re installed the graphics driver.
CB 11 Pro, Windows 10.
I cant upload the videos ive made of it, so here is a link to dropbox

Now just getting errors.

Cubase 64bit 2021.3.30 (615.6 KB)

Update. If i switch to a generic driver all works fine (although i cant use that for anything productive).
I’m also getting an issue where if I select any midi notes in the key editor and hit delete the whole clip gets deleted. This is 100% when using the ASIO driver. Have re installed it but not making any difference.

Another update. After multiple re Installs of the driver, inc going back to an old one then the latest one again, things have settled down.
Another side effect of this was midi note deletions wouldn’t work. I’d select the notes, hit delete, and the actual clip would be deleted.
Very worrying but hopefully fixed.


Could you provide the mentioned DMP file, please?

The link is directly under the screen shot above in my second post.


What graphic card do you use, please?

Could you share the problematic Yamaha ASIO driver version number, please?

The GPU is a GTX 750Ti. ASIO driver was the latest one, 2.0.4.