Can't add insert plug-in


This is not a general issue with my Cubase Pro 8 but in this project I am working in only. I worked on this project on my old PC (with Cubase Pro 8) and now I opened it for the first time with the new PC I upgraded with so whenever I try to insert plug-in on existing audio or group track it still shows ‘No effect’, no plug-in is loaded.

The previously inserted plug-ins are still shown though.
Any solution?

Thanks in advance.

Today I opened the project again and for the first few minutes I was able to insert a plug-in, then the same problem arose. No problems with overload, I even changed the buffer size to higher but still nothing. I don’t know how I will be able to continue with the project…

Running out of memory (ram)?

It may be a RAM problem but I have worked with projects much more larger than this one without problem (I have 8GB of RAM and task manager shows that Cubase uses only 1GB of RAM with no other programs on on Win). I do not have VST instruments here in this project, I only have several plug-ins and a lot of freezed audio tracks with plug-ins on them.

I suspect it may be a problem related to the thing that I worked this project on Cubase 7 on my previous installation of Windows 7.

It is frustrating, I can’t do anything except to export all the audio channels and start the mix again from stretch.

It was I think definitely problem with RAM. I opened the project in x64 Cubase and not only that works perfectly, but I have no crashes with the incorporated Vst Bridger from Steinberg and I only have installed x86 plugins. For a couple of days now, Vst Bridger runs without an error.