Can't add line from notehead to notehead in percussion kit

As the piece I am working on has very intricate tempo relationships, I was trying to use the percussion kit as a “Tempo staff” replacing the text tempo indications.

I managed to come up with a solution I like quite well by using a percussion kit, naming the instruments 40 through 120 and placing noteheads on the right line to indicate the tempo.


I want, however to connect the two noteheads (in the image) with a line to indicate the ritenuto, but when I select the noteheads and set the line attachment to be notehead to notehead, the line just doesn’t appear. Other attachment options seem to work fine, but this doesn’t.

I also tried using a glissando (Shift+O, “gliss”) but that didn’t draw a line either.

Can anyone think of a way to achieve what I’m after?


I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible using the built-in note-attached lines, due to a limitation in the way they work across multiple instruments. It’s something we’d like to make possible in the future, though it’s a bit tricky!