Can't add Page Text in score editor in C7

First project using the score editor in C7. Went to add a song title and found I couldn’t add any Page Text. When I try to select Page Text in the Other tab the button cannot be selected and hi-lighted. The regular Text and Lyric Text can be selected fine. I tried creating a new project and it behaved the same - no Page Text. Then I opened the same project in C6 and I could add Page Text just fine (although I didn’t save it, not wishing to mess-up some C7 specific plugs in the project.)

Potential bug, or is something set wrong?

Try right-clicking and selecting Insert to Project Layer from the new contextual menu present in most of the score symbols.

Another addition to Score edit. Nice!

Thanks Steve, that worked. While the context menu is useful, I think the implementation could be improved. When I set it to put Page Text into the Project Layer it also changed Lyric Text to be set to the grayed out (i.e. not allowed) Project Layer. So now I can’t insert lyrics without changing the layer setting again. And then I’d need to change it again to Project Layer to insert more Page Text. Seems it would be better if each symbol type retained its own layer setting. Lyrics always need to be on the Note Layer, so why even set it to something else. Similarly, while I can imagine using Page Text on the also allowed Layout Layer, I’m almost always going to put it on the Project Layer, and while it is not allowed to be in the Lyric Layer it can get set there when using Lyric Text type.

I noticed that. It seemed that whenever I changed the layer in which to insert, it changed it globally.

Looks unfinished, maybe there is something coming in the next update. One can hope.

I agree. It would be great if that setting were not global. For example, I would love to be able to have two versions of the Text symbol in my Favorites palette… one in the Staff layer, and the other in the Layout layer (like I have it in Cubase 6.5 :wink: )


Wow. Score Edit is getting some love. :smiley:

From the 7.0.3 update thread,