Can't add rests

Hi everyone,

I’ve looked in previous posts on the blog, but i did not find my specific case

I have some missing bars in ‘random’ parts of my work, and in many bars later. I’ve tried inputting the rest, but that didn’t work out.

Any suggestion? thanks in advance,
Schermata 2023-05-15 alle 13.12.09

Select just the notes in the bars missing a rest at the start, then check the Properties panel in the lower zone for the property “Starts voice”, which is probably activated. Deactivate it to allow Dorico to show implicit (meaning automatic) rests before those notes.

Hi there,

i checked in a few spots and it is deactivated everywhere. I have also this other situation in many places.

Any idea?

This really does look like that property is activated somewhere, on either a note or rest somewhere before where you first see notes on those staves. Have a root around, and if you can’t find it, post the project here.

You could try Shift-B and write rest followed by return in the first empty bar.


Hi there,

you were right. that property was on. by clicking a bar i wouldn’t fix it. by clicking the last note or last rest before the trouble happened, i could fix it.

amazing, thank you !