can't add specific wav to montage - SOLVED :-)

I have a 48 kHz/24 bit wavfile created in Cubase 9.5. WL won’t let me add this particular file to a montage - other files import fine. The file plays back nicely in Cubase and other programs. The file is 48 kHz/24 bit as is the montage.
If I try to put it into a 44.1 montage I don’t even get a mismatch warning… :open_mouth:
Anyone ?

Sounds like that particular montage is not 48 kHz - that is necessary for it to accept the file.

Do you get a message about the file being a different number of channels? You should post a screen shot of the error message. The montages are bit-depth agnostic meaning they don’t care about the bit-depth.

Even if the sample rate was not the same as the montage, it would ask if you want to convert it.

The only way to really help is to show a picture of of the error message you get or a short video clip of what happens.

Well - that’s the problem. I don’t get an error message. Nothing happens - it doesn’t matter if I use the file selector or just try to drag it into the montage window…

Interesting. I think the best thing is to show a screen recording of what happens and perhaps share the file if you have permission but most likely it’s a file you want to keep private.

Can you open the file as a standalone audio file in WaveLab and view the data of it?

Nope - nothing happens :frowning:
Screen recording 2018-09-02 at 10.51.07 PM.gif

It was rendered in Cubase using these parameters:

I never could reproduce this with Cubase 5 files with ixml in Wavelab 9.5.x, so maybe it’s just certain files with ixml. Are you using Wavelab 9.5.35?

Thank’s bob99 - that was it! - yes, I’m using WL 9.5.35 and Cubase 9.5.30.
I’ll write something in the other thread.

__“Wavelab won’t load or play file , yet wmp will ¿¿”
__the FOLDER :open_file_folder:, that contains the file​:musical_note: uR trying to load, has been corrupted :heavy_check_mark: usually NAME CHANGEs (ie: Names consisting characters that aren’t acceptable for CPU __(( ?&@$#+, etc.))