Can't add text on all staffs without me having to add text on each staff manually?

I have tried pressing the option listed on the url below for this of Shift Option/Alt X Inputting text
Is this not possible?
What I trying to do is add a note where each solo chorus starts.

Dorico won’t add staff-attached text to all staves in one go, I’m afraid. You can either use system-attached text (Shift+Alt+X, which appears on the staves on which system objects are set to appear), or perhaps just add it on one and then use Duplicate to Staff Below to whizz it down to the other staves?

Thanks for responding so quickly Daniel, Where is the control to Duplicate to Staff Below?
I tried the right click options while the text was highlighted but did not see this option. I did see an option under paste special to Duplicate to Staff below but when I tried it nothing happened. If I tr copy of the text and pasting into the below staff then it just puts another copy above the one on the original staff.

If the text item is indeed system-attached, then you don’t need to duplicate it: it will appear at system object positions in the layout.

You can tell whether it’s staff-attached or system-attached by selecting it and checking the display in the status bar (bottom left of the window).

Yes, it’s the one in Edit > Paste Special. Many users end up assigning shortcuts to that one, and Duplicate to Staff Above. It’ll work provided you have something selected, and assuming it’s staff-attached and not system-attached.

My reference was system-attached because I had been using the Shift Option X to invoke it but it still was not showing up on the pdf print out for that instrument.

I pressed Shift X instead and it created a local-attached text and that let me see the Paste Special / Duplicate to Staff below and that worked but I had invoke that process numerous times to get to the last staff.

Also it does not list the hot key to invoke the Duplicate to Staff Below on the one from the Edit / Paste Special / Duplicate to Staff below

I’m curious why the system-attached text wasn’t appearing in a part layout. Would you be able to share a version of the project with the system-attached text reinstated that still demonstrates that?

Hi Lillie,
I revisited the other 7 Solo Chorus markings and noted they were still showing Locally-attached still.
I had initially tried changing them using the Set Local Properties: Locally Globally Dorico 4 bar underneath the Write tab staffs but that apparently did nothing to change the text input status once it was already created.
Once I deleted all of them and recreated them opening the text box with Shift+Alt+X
then they showed up in the expected bars of the pdf.
A learning experience.
Thank you both for your patience.
I uploaded the project but with your assistance I have fixed the issue.
I wish I knew about that Shift+Alt+X option a long time ago.
Timeline - Score.dorico (1.6 MB)

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