can't adjust articulation properly

I am facing one weird accent that Dorico will not let me adjust into a normal position. None of the other notes/accents have this problem. I think it has something to do with the slur that I dragged into a custom position (by the way, is there an easier way to achieve this grace note slur behavior en masse? I looked at Engraving Options and was mystified).

File attached. It’s the second accent, on F#. I don’t know why it’s sitting so high. In Engrave mode, it will not allow me to lower it closer to the notehead. (827 KB)

If you select the accent and do Edit > Reset Position the accent will return to its natural position above the staff; it’s further away than you might expect because it appears the default slur angle in that specific situation means that it reaches up a long way above the sharp. You can, however, select the accent once it’s in its natural position and type Alt+down arrow to move it closer to the staff.

Thanks, Daniel.

For some reason, neither of those solutions are working for me. The accent remains stubbornly high above the staff. It lets me move it even higher, but not lower. Also, when I drag it down in Engrave mode, it just snaps back up high.

Are you definitely running the most recent version, Dorico 3.5.10?

Yes, it says 3.5.1020. I’m quite new to Dorico so maybe I’m missing something obvious.

If it helps, I also noticed that the Flip command on that articulation is acting weird too, in that it ends up WAY below the staff, even further, and it won’t let me manually bring it closer.

The current version is on Mac, and on Windows, so you’re not up-to-date. You can download the 3.5.10 update here.

Aha! I didn’t know I was out of date. Now it’s working properly. Thanks!
Is there a way to have Dorico automatically check for updates? If not, what’s the best way for me to be alerted to when you release one?

Probably the nearest way to “automatic” is look for new “announcement” threads at the top of this forum.

Or, do Help / Check for updates in Dorico.