Can't adjust Piano Staves individually with Hidden staves

When I hide staves, the remaining piano staves will only move together, I can’t make the spacing farther apart or closer together.

My score has a trumpet line and a piano line. When the trumpet doesn’t play, I set the score to hide empty staves. When it hides stave, the 2 piano staves seem to be locked together. They can’t be moved independently. They can be moved independently when no other staves are hidden. Is there a fix?

If you want to move the left-hand part down, for instance, when you are adjusting staff spacing you need to click on the little box on that staff only; if you click on the larger box that is above the right hand staff, it will move both systems together. Alternatively, if you click on the smaller box above the right hand part, you can just the right hand stave.

Take a look at this video to see what I mean: