Can't apply Cubase Artist 12 upgrade, I requested Steinberg Zero Downtime in the past

it’s been a month since I paid for an update from cubase artist 11 to cubase artist 12 and I don’t know what manipulation I did that blocked me and I haven’t been able to install to date the cubase artist 12 version and for your information my old Elicenser was broken and I had declared it on my my steinberg account ( my software expired on 10/31/2022 its power to activate it and I cannot don’t know what to do please help me to solve this problem
and here are some images that explain my problem

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden. Do you see a Cubase Artist 11 license?


It sounds like you didn’t finish the Steinberg Zero Downtime process.


The final step provides the activation code with which you can store the temporary Steinberg Zero Downtime license on your spare USB-eLicenser. You will also receive an e-mail, which includes more information and a link to a PDF form. Fill out the form to submit your written request for a permanent replacement of your license(s). Further steps are explained in detail within the e-mail.

Did you fill out this PDF form? If you did, Steinberg Support should have emailed you new eLicenser Activation Codes. Once these codes are activated, your Cubase Artist 11 license should appear in your new USB-eLicenser dongle.

Please check your emails.

waaa I’m actually an idiot I just found the message Steinberg had already sent me on 4/10 2022 after declaring the loss of my old key but I didn’t know it and I stayed all this time waiting for someone activate the software
please Romantic I admit it’s my fault what I have to do now to fix my situation with Steinberg and reinstall the software

I just tried the temporary code that was sent to me but it does not work I believe because the cubase artist 12 is expired

Please follow the steps provided by that email and wait until Steinberg Support sends you your replacement activation code.

It will not be possible to perform the Cubase Artist 12 update until your Cubase Artist 11 license is present in your USB-eLicenser dongle.

While you wait, you can download the trial version from here to continue using Cubase 12:

thank you very much Romantic for your help you really showed me where it was blocked I just sent them a message explaining my story and why I did not respond to their messages and I asked them to send me a new code activation I will wait for their thoughts and thank you again! I will let you know when I fix my problem.

merci Romantique

hello Romantic_Tp please tell me what I should do is that I should wait or send them a message to tell them that it has taken too long it has already been seven days since I sent the form for replacement of Licenses lost and they received it but no reply to date ! And thank you in advance

hi Romantic thank you my lost USB problem is solved