Can't apply UPGRADE18 code for new Cubase 9.5 promotion

Steinberg is having a new promotion: Upgrade to 9.5 and get 40% off. I applied the upgrade code “upgrade18” and go through the the rest of the purchase procedure but when I get to the final “submit payment” step I see that the discount has not been applied. Is Steinberg aware of this issue? Is anyone else having this problem?

I talked to someone at tech-support who said they will talk to the company that is responsible for Steinberg’s online shop and that they will get back to me tomorrow but I just wanted to see if anyone else had the problem or if they found a solution.

The code is UPDATE18.


Holy hell, I wish every problem was this easily solved! Thank you!

Steinberg are the WORST company at promoting certain offers. I’ve missed this offer TWICE in two years and only find out about if AFTER it’s ended. No email, no front page promo, nothing on the rss feed… nothing!

Shame on Steinberg, p*issing off loyal customers is NOT the way to go long term.

Well there was an email…that’s what the screencap I posted in the other thread was.
I even got another reminder that the offer is nearly over mail.

Why not just ask support why you didn’t receive it and explain you were hoping to use the offer this year.
Worst case scenario they’ll tell you they sent it so there’s nothing they can do and you can resume ranting. But you never know…you might get lucky.

My guess is that they have some algorithm that decides who gets what emails. Sadly it seems to not always go to the right people.

Last year I got both the Update and Upgrade offers and took advantage of the former to Update my Elements license.

This year I only got the Upgrade one (which makes sense as although I already have a 9.5 Pro license I also have an Elements license which i suppose I might have wanted to Upgrade to Artist or Pro). However, maybe sometimes the algorithm gets it wrong.

Worth an email to support, I’d think, as Grim suggests.

They heard you…
It is back!
Very happy for you.

Sadly no, the offer 40W was after (as I understand it) was for UPDATE18 which finished mid July. This is Upgrade18 for owners of lower versions (Artist and below).

Ooops sorry about that!