Can't assign key command to change voices

Hello. In the options to set key commands, I find “change voice to down-stem voice 2,” but after I assign a key command (and I’ve tried several different options), the key command will not work.
A few peculiarities:

  1. I can change voices via the menu that appears after a right mouse click. But the wording is different there. It reads: “new down-stem voice.”
  2. I had originally assigned this key command in Dorico 2. The key command would work, but not until after I had manually changed the voice of a note on that staff. Now in Dorico 3, That is no longer the case.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

The keyboard shortcuts refer to explicity numbered voices. Those voices have to exist on the staff in question, or the shortcuts won’t work.
At the point that you start a new flow, the only voice that typically exists is Upstem Voice 1.
Manually change one note to a new Downstem voice, and you’ll find that Downstem Voice 1 is created. From that point onwards, on that stave only, the “Change to Downstem Voice 1” keyboard shortcut will work correctly. The same applies to any other “Change to __ Voice” shortcuts you define.

Everything working well now.
Thank you!