Can't audition a cue mix without changing device port

I saw a video on how to Set up a Headphone or Cue Mix in Cubase.
However, I cant seem to audition the different mixes as the author of the video does at this timestamp

My configuration of the Control room

Is the same as there’s
video config.JPG
In order to hear another Cue mix I have to switch the device port

In the video he simply switches between. The different mixes…
Is there something else I need to do, that isn’t covered in this video?

Thanks for your help

You need a monitor Connection, as shown in your 2nd screenshot.

Hi, as svennilenni said!

The MONITORs are meant to connect to your Speakers. There is a separate PHONES channel - just in case you use phones - then of course you have to decide which physical port you want to use for it.
The “Cue” Setup in the audio-connections is meant for OUTPUTTING the 4 possible cue-mixes to external devices (usually headphones).
The Cue-MIXES you generate can be routed to any of the outputs,…

I highly recommend not to only watch Tutorials on Youtube, but in ADDITION to read the manual where the control room is explained. Doing this will help to understand how it works in principle .

The pictures you posted seem to indicate that your device only has a stereo pair of outputs.
To do what you want to do here, you will need an audio I/O device that actually has lots of physical outputs. Each Cue Mix can then be assigned to the various, unused, physical jacks on your audio device.

OK so I need to buy a new soundcard then?

Let me explain:
For every (stereo) signal that you want to audition externally simultanuously you need one pair of physical outputs on your interface.
The key word here is “simultanuously”.
If you want to be able to listen to the cue-mixes at the same time you need additional pairs of outputs and most likely one or more headphone amps (depending on the type of Headphone amp).
Be aware that the “headphones” section also needs a separate stereo output pair if you want to use it in parallel with the Speakers!
If you only have ONE stereo output for example you can connect e.g. ONE pair of speakers. You can assign the monitor 1 of Control Room to this output and thereby listen to whatever you route to the MAIN Section of the control room. This can be the total mix of what you have in cubase or ALTERNATIVELY any of the four cue-mixes you can set up. This is of course not the idea of cue-mixes - which are usually sent to the performing musician’s headphones while recording. In this case you would listen to the recording via the headphone channel or the speakers (monitor 1) and your musicians would be able to hear their special cue-mixes in their headphones.


Big thanks to everyone who took the time to post a response, I managed to figure it out and just thought I’d post the solution here so others can benefit from it.
It was as simple as moving my output from here

To here