Can't audition the sample loops in Cubase Media


Any of you encounter this issue where you can’t hear any sound when you audition the sample? I have no problem recording, playing the tracks. But I can’t hear any sound when I audition the samples or virtual instrument on the Media. Any advice from the expert.

OS: Windows
Cubase 10

Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

If you are on Cubase Pro and the Control Room is enabled, make sure, Monitor 1 bus has been created and it’s routed to the output, you want to use. Then set the Audio Connections > Outputs > Stereo Out to Not Connected, please.

If you are not using Control Room, double check the Audio Connections > Outputs and make sure, the Stereo Out is set as Main Output (right-click to the bus and enable this option), please.

Thanks. Let me try.